Monday, March 6, 2017

Sisters are better than Elders

Why hello everyone! This week definitely have a story or two for ya!

To follow up on last week since I didn't have time, my house in Vanderbilt got broken into. Sister Tyrrell is a very light sleeper and heard someone in the hallway and then heard the really loud bedroom door open and woke up in the middle of the night (2 am) because she thought one of us was coming for some reason. Well surprise it wasn't one of us but a guy with a flashlight staring at her from her bedroom door. She woke up her companion and they waited til he left the house and then came and woke me and Sister Neeley up. Turns out Sister Neeley saw him come into our room as well but just thought it was me getting up to go to the bathroom. Well we called the cops at 2:30 in the morning and they told us to go outside and wait, so I grabbed me a frying pan so that I'd be armed if he tried to attack us while we waited outside. The cops got there and couldn't figure out how he broke in but think he's just a drunk guy (lies!!) and told us not to worry about it and joked with me about how I was deadly armed with my frying pan (clearly they've never seen Tangled). Let's just say the next few days slept with the frying pan just in case and we put wood dowels in all of our windows and now lock our bedroom doors. Now I'm in Stuart though so no need to really worry! Here's a funny photo of us armed for if he broke in again.
(Sister Tyrrell, Schmidt, Neeley, me with my frying pan)

For p-day last week we went to the Naples pier and it was a beautiful day to enjoy some sun and ocean!

Also transfers happened and I'm in Stuart now and I'm PINK WASHING an area, which means that there used to be elders here but now there are sisters. Well let me tell ya it has definitely been interesting taking over an elders area and living in an elders house. We found out from a neighbor today that he's lived in the house next to us for 20 years and in those entire 20 years it's been elders so we're the freshest thing this area has ever seen. It has definitely been an adventure this week taking over the area, the house was disgusting and we had to clean it real good, the records here are terrible so don't know what has been done for the last several weeks and on top of that they have been taking notes on the ward on 3 different sets of directories. Seriously boys and girls minds are so very different. So let's just say it has been an adventure getting to know this area. Our ward is so excited to have us though and we've had countless comments about how Sisters are better than elders and they are so excited to have us. Let's also say that we've had countless meetings with the ward leaders here so we can understand the area. Stuart is a super small ward with lots of less active members that we are going to work on reactivating.

I'm at the top of the board and go home in 6 weeks can't believe it. I'm on death row!!

Cleaning the whiteboards in our house to get organized.

First Sunday in Stuart and guess who came to church, Mitt Romney!!

So a little bit about my new companion. Her name is Sister Fernandes (pronounced Feh-nan-jez) and she's at about a year on her mission. She's from Recife, Brazil and technically portuguese is her second language (english being the first) but she's learning english (since she forgot it all). She served in Boca Raton right after me and Miami YSA right after me as well so she's been chasing me around the mission this whole time and now we're companions. I'm super excited to serve with her.

Love ya all!

Sister Jennings

My new address:
3287 SE Brook St.
Stuart, FL 34997

I'd love letters these last 6 weeks!!​

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