Monday, April 25, 2016

Boca's Got Talent

Hey all you lovely people!

This week has been crazy!

April 18: Today was just a chill p-day which was really nice. Especially since we've had some crazy days.

April 19: Today we went and visited this cute old lady Annette, who is less active. It was really funny when her daughter let us in she asked us how we had gotten in her gated community and we told her we had called in and been let into the gate. I don't think she realized that her less active daughter had let us in. Then this evening our whole day fell apart and I have officially decided that I never want to be an actual secretary and plan peoples schedules because though I could do it, my texting fingers would hurt afterwards.

April 20:  Today while knocking we met this lady Valerie, who was just so grateful for a prayer because her daughter is struggling a lot right now. It is so cool to see how God sends us to those people who need our help and need a little more love from God.

April 21: Today was awesome, we went and had lunch with a recent convert named Pablo. He is super funny and prefers to speak Spanish and has it in his mind to teach all the English sisters Spanish. Well lets just say that I don't speak Spanish, though I've started to learn a little bit on my mission and it was just so funny trying to talk to him in my gringo Spanish and I think it made his day. After our meal appointment today was pretty scary. We were knocking in the neighborhood of the members that had fed us when all of a sudden an ambulance drove past us. Didn't think much of it till we got to the end of the street and saw that it was parked in front of the members house. The daughter had passed out and was taken to the hospital, but she is doing fine now.

April 22: We went up to Delray today (ahh good old Delray) to visit a part member family and it was so cool. They really are a sweet old couple and they loved having us come and visit (I know because they told us and everyone they knew how happy it made them). Really cool Brother Wilson has this Book of Mormon from when he was investigating in the church and it is a really rare edition that has a lot of cool added bonus material. Also we helped them to figure out their Dell pad and that was the most technology I've touched in 6 months and it was really weird.

April 23: Today while knocking we had this guy walk up to us and was like "Bet you'll never guess who I am" as he walks up shirtless with a cigarette in hand. Well he saw my name tag and was like "Hey that's my name!" We found a less active member who has the same last name as me and it was super funny. Well he told us he wanted us to come back and visit another time, so ya we are going back to help him. Then we went to our ward's talent show and man this ward has a lot of talent. It was fun to see all the talents, especially since a few of the young kids signed up for talents.

April 24: At church today we got to sub for the little kids and got to teach the 4-6 year olds and man they are a ball full of energy. It makes me so glad that I'm a missionary and am teaching people older than that everyday. Also funny story while we were knocking today this lady drove up the street really slow and then drove away. Well we were still standing at the same door when the car came back around the corner and then backed into the driveway of the door we were knocking. The lady had literally driven around the block to avoid talking to us. We also found out that the street gets knocked a lot by Jehovah's Witnesses, in fact someone had a sign that said please no Jehovah's Witnesses, so maybe that's why that happened.

Well good times here in Boca Raton!

Love ya,

Sister Jennings

Monday, April 18, 2016

Mining in the Mud

Hey all ya'll!

Wow this week has been crazy and it has just flown by!

April 11: Today while knocking we met this cute little 5 year old named Angelica and she wanted to tell us her whole life story and it was just so cute. Man I love little kids, they are just so stinking cute.

April 12: Today while we were knocking I saw one of the prettiest gardens and I have decided that one day I will have a marvelously beautiful garden to call my own. Over the course of my mission I have truly come to love plants more and more.

April 13: Today we went to have our car fixed and to get an oil change and we were sitting at the auto place and we were making a map of where our members live so that we can more effectively visit them, when this guy sat next to us. He asked what we were doing and we told him making a member map, he then proceeded to tell us all about his church and how he wished he could hire us to go visit all of their members and collect the $15 fee that they have to pay per member. It was really funny especially when we told him that we had left home, school, jobs, etc. and worked 16 hour days for no pay. He told us he would desire to hire us because of how hard we work. Super funny!

April 14: We went on exchanges today and I got to go back up to Boynton and was with Sister LeBaron who I actually went to high school with, it was so much fun catching up with her about everyone that we went to school with.

April 15: We had an awesome meal appointment with Li and Aaron this cute Chinese family that was recently baptized and we were at the restaurant eating when we got a text about a tornado warning. We then had a 2.5 hour meal appointment while we waited for the warning to end so that we could safely drive home. it was so much fun though spending time with them.

April 16: We knocked the funniest house. We were standing at the door and heard this music and thought man they are playing their music really loud. Then we realized that they were pumping the music out of their house and we were actually listening to elevator music / or door knocking music. It was the funniest thing, because no one was home and the music only played outside their house.

April 17: Today we had the funnest lesson ever. We were teaching Li and Aaron about the birth of Christ because they don't know very much about Jesus Christ. So we built the nativity and Aaron had so much fun with it and it was cool to teach them about Jesus Christ.

This week has been really hard to find people to teach. So we are digging in the trenches and mining in the mud. Also while we were knocking yesterday I found the motherload of ghetto pennies and probably picked up about $5 in coins on the ground all in one spot. It was totally awesome!!!! My companion just laughed at me as I picked them up and I told her she could watch me or help me, so she knelt down and helped, but she wouldn't pick up the ones in the muddy water.

Well hope you all have a great week!


Sister Jennings

Monday, April 11, 2016


Hey Family and Friends!!

So now I'm in Boca!! The nickname we have is Bratz for Boca Raton (B.RAT.z) and I'm with Sister Smith. She is from Preston Idaho and has been on her mission for 14 months and has served in almost every zone of our mission. It's going to be a good transfer

April 5: Spent today packing since I am moving down to Boca Raton and then we went out to visit everyone that I was going to miss seeing in the Gateway YSA Branch. Had to say goodbye to my investigator Shawn and the less active I rescued Miguel and then our FHE was actually a goodbye party since the Hawkshaws (a couple helping out our singles ward) were leaving.

April 6: Transfer day and my first day in Boca Raton and we got to eat with a member and attend a gospel class so I met quite a few of the members which is good because now I have to learn the entire wards names again

{Generation photo: Sister Guimares (my sister/being trained by S. Jeppson), Sister Jeppson (my mom/trainer), Sister Almeida (my grandma/S.Jeppson's trainer), me}

April 7: Today we went knocking and it was really weird not looking for college kids specifically but trying to think of all the places that families would be and avoiding campus housing around FAU (Florida Atlantic University).

April 8: We went and did service at ReStore in Boca and it is exactly like up in Delray, I am so excited to make friends with the workers here as well and just continue to serve and help the community. Also met our awesome investigator Chardene who was investigating in Coconut Creek then lost contact with the church and is back again and excited to get baptized. First we have to get her married and we are working on that, just some visa problems for her brothers to come up from Haiti for the wedding.

April 9: Today we went and did some service for a Methodist church down in Deerfield and they were so appreciative. They love having us come and help and it was cool because we got to talk about what we do as missionaries to them and they loved the idea. Then tonight we stopped by to visit Chardene and I got to meet Wilkens who is Chardene's fiance. After that we met with a recent convert Mike, who supposedly is really hard to teach but we got through the entire Plan of Salvation (God's plan for us that answers the questions of Where we come from? Why are we here? and Where do we go after this life?) which Sister Smith says is a miracle.

April 10: First day at church down in Boca and man there are so many names to remember and I got asked by everyone if I'm related to Brother and Sister Jennings who are in the Boca ward. Then we had dinner with the Boggess who are the temple President and Matron for the Florida Fort Lauderdale Temple - they run the temple so that everything goes smoothly. Man they live in a castle, it is MASSIVE. And we taught Li and her son Aaron which are recent converts who go home to China in September.

Well it was a really good week!

Love ya all!
~Sister Kelsey Jennings

23144 Post Gardens Way #523
Boca Raton, FL 33433

Tuesday, April 5, 2016


Hey Family and Friends!

March 28: Today for p-day we had an easter egg hunt around the church. We lost a few eggs so maybe some of the kids will find them and it will be a nice easter surprise for them. Also met with a recent convert that moved here from Georgia and found out that he started drinking tea again and smoking, we are working with him to get back off of those so that he can be worthy to receive the priesthood (the power of God) next week.

March 29: We went and did service helping to move someone into their new home which was so much fun. Also I got to use my drilling skills to put together a bed. Thanks Dad! Then we went knocking and it rained on us. However, I'm coming to love the rain, I prefer 100% humidity to the 60-90% humidity that we are starting to get.

March 30: Today we got to meet with one the members and found out that she has a friend who might be interested in the gospel and her name is .....Kelsey! Crazy huh! We wrote her name on our board so we remember to talk to the member about her and it's just plain weird seeing my name on the board, but not my name. We also went and caught up with an investigator who we haven't heard from in a while. Turns out he's not dead just super busy doing year end reports for two different accounting companies. That's crazy, I hated doing year end reports because of having to find all the missing numbers and he not only does it for one company but two. No wonder we haven't heard from him.

March 31: I hit my 6 month mark, I have officially been out on my mission for 6 months and I don't know where the time has gone. Today while knocking we found a family for the sisters we live with. It is so cool because we are all on the Lord's team and it doesn't matter who finds them just that we help them draw closer to Jesus Christ.

April 1: Today we went and talked to people on campus and met Joe and we basically taught him a lesson on the spot because he had all these questions. We also made it possible that our member on house arrest will be able to come to church on Sunday!

(Happy Birthday to my little brother Drake I had a piece of cake in your memory)
April 2: GENERAL CONFERENCE!! (Gen Con) Every 6 months we get to listen to the words of our living day prophets and apostles who lead and guide us with direction from the Lord. We hear inspired counsel from our leaders, and they address topics that are of importance for us in our day. We got to watch the first session of conference with our house arrest buddy and we had a little party of it. Then this evening we finally found the building of a less active that we have been looking for since January. While knocking in her apartment building, the last door we knocked on was the home of Aaron, who originally pray with us because we were all Catholic (jokes, not a Catholic nun despite the fact me and my companion were both wearing all black and white). Well he was sincerely touched by the prayer and we are now teaching him. Seriously a day of miracles.

April 3: We got to watch the second day of General Conference with our members at the church. Wow conference was just amazing and I encourage all of you to watch it, it will touch your life and answer many of your life questions.

April 4: Proselyting Monday! We spent the day down in Boca. Then this evening we got the transfer call and I will be leaving Gateway YSA to serve in the Boca Raton ward. I'm staying in my same zone just moving farther south. I'm sad to leave where I've been serving but I'm excited for the new adventure and the new growth.

Love you all!

Sister Jennings

My new address:
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