Monday, March 28, 2016

Easter Excitement

Hey Friends and Family!

Wow I cannot believe it is p-day time seriously flies by.

March 21: Today we had the funniest experience. We walked up to these guys to give them pictures of Jesus and they then gave us a 10 minute lecture on how Jesus was actually black and that the Jews at Jesus' time were actually Ethiopian Jews. Seriously so funny, we then went home and told the sisters we live with about it and one of them pulled out a brochure for the Israelites and it was like reading word for word this guys lecture. Also he said he was going to go visit the nearest LDS church when he got home to St. Lucia, so good luck missionaries down there.

March 22: Today we taught Gloribel about the Word of Wisdom (we don't drink coffee, tea, alcohol, we don't smoke or use other illegal or harmful drugs) and she didn't want to give up coffee. But it was cool we talked to her and promised her blessings and she agreed to give it up even though it will be hard since she works at Dunkin Donuts.

March 23: Went on exchanges and worked in Boynton today. The Sisters we live with are working with some super cool people and it was cool to meet them.

March 24: Today we went to visit a less active and got to the appointment early so we decided to knock doors a street up and the first door we knocked on was another less active named Phillip who is in drug recovery. Seriously a cool miracle to find him.

March 25: Today while knocking we met this super cool Haitian family (awesome referral for the elders). After the prayer the mom said she was "so so happy" and as we were getting contact information everyone wanted to give us their information (some of them might have been trying to flirt with us). We set up a return appointment for the elders and the next day they were walking up to the appointment and met one of the family members outside. As they were talking with him the guy said "I have an appointment with some white guys like you....right now" Haitians freak out when they meet white guys who speak fluent Creole.

March 26: Today we did some awesome service for a member. This member is moving from Boca to Lake Worth and is fixing up a house. Well we went and cleaned the floors and chipped off all the paint splatters and it was cool because the member didn't know when she would have time to do it and there we were to help her out.

March 27: Today the less active we have been working with came to church and he was so excited to be there and  he could not stop smiling. Truly the gospel has brought him so much happiness and it has been exciting to see him change over the past month and I can't wait to see how he continues to grow and progress. Also today was an amazing Easter!

Have a great week everyone!


Sister Jennings

Funny No Soliciting sign.                                               
 We aren't allowed to eat in the car it's kind of funny when we want to eat a quick snack.

Cute new Easter dress!

Monday, March 21, 2016

Birthday Bash!

Hey Friends and Family!

Wow I cannot believe it's been another week! Time just flies when you are serving the Lord.

March 14: For p-day we went down to Boca to party with the Boca Raton and Boca Rio sisters and we had Brazilian Stroganoff and man it was delicious. It was also fun to hang out with the sisters in my district. 

March 15: Today we had a mission conference and got to see a lot of the missionaries I know. Also it was Sister King's birthday (my trainer) and it was just so much fun to get together and learn more about how we can be effective missionaries and how we can be safe missionaries. Later this evening we had a lesson with Gloribel (who I've been on and off again teaching since I got to Florida) and we talked about the Restoration and set her with a baptismal date for March 31st and she is finally ready to learn and make changes in her life.

March 16: Today we went on campus and tried talking to everyone we could see and it was awesome we actually got to talk to some people about the gospel. We then had two lessons today one with Tesh, who is a referral from Shawn our other investigator, and Gloribel. I truly do love teaching and wish I could do it more, but first you have to find the people to teach.

March 17: Today we went knocking down in Boca Raton but we accidentally put the wrong address in and ended up in Deerfield. It was really funny especially since we were in the nice part of Deerfield and it was a lot different than when we went to Deerfield 2 months ago. We ended up finding where we needed to be and I definitely saved that location in the GPS to avoid further confusion.

March 18: Today was my companion's birthday! We started off the day with a surprise birthday party and good thing I'm stubborn or else we would have gone out to eat for lunch and she would have missed the whole party. For dinner the Deforests fed us for her birthday. Sister Deforest is like my mission mom, she really takes care of us and it is always a fun time when we go over to her house. 

March 19: Today we saw Miguel and the good news is he is coming to church tomorrow! We finally got it cleared with his house arrest officer so that he can come and man he is so excited. Also thank God for court orders to go to church because that means he's coming the next few weeks (also so he can have some social life). But really Miguel is so cool and it has been amazing to see how he has grown since I first met him, he is starting his mission papers as well so that will be cool.

March 20: Today at church only Gloribel came investigator wise, but we had a lot of less actives that we are working with come which is amazing. I truly love this branch and loved to see how much they have grown and matured and how much love they have for one another, they truly are a family.

Well love you all, have a great week!

~Sister Jennings

Monday, March 14, 2016


Hey friends and family.

Just to start, I love you all, thanks for all your support, you truly are amazing.

March 7: P-day was so much fun! We had a multi-zone activity and it was a blast, we played kickball and soccer and charades and really just had a lot of fun as a bunch of missionaries. #WreckStuart was our text theme all week as we totally demolished them in our activities. Super fun to see them all though!

March 8: Today fun but bad experience. We had a meal appointment with a member tonight and they cancelled last minute. We were trying to figure out where to go eat when we got a text from a different member saying they had food for us and we should come pick it up! Yes!! Except it was Haitian soup which is made of like straight oil. Let's just say our stomachs did not thank us for that and we felt sick all night and part of the next morning.

March 9: Cool miracle today. We got a random text from a guy named David who had previously been investigating but didn't have time because of work. Well now he is ready to learn again so that is awesome. Truly a blessing because we haven't been able to find people to teach for a while and we've been knocking doors like crazy.

March 10: God is truly so good. Today was a crazy day and we were all over the place and didn't really know where we needed to be. Well we still needed to knock for an hour and decided to knock these apartments by us. Well we met Richie (over the age of 30 so not YSA darn) who was truly touched that we had the courage to walk up to random people and offer to pray with them. He'd had a bad experience with religion in the past but had recently turned to God a little more and wants to come to church because "if they are half as nice as you two girls it must be pretty great".

March 11: We got to do service today which was awesome. I love service! It's cool because when we go they call us Sister Sister. Also cool thing is they are starting to trust us a lot, we got to do intake of donation items for the ReStore and kind of be the face that people see today which was awesome.

March 12: Today most of our appointments fell through and our investigators weren't home. Funny experience though we walked up to these two guys on the street and were talking to them about church and one of them said "the street is my church, I learn all the lessons I need from it". It was so funny! He did say he would try and stop by our church on Sunday (not sure if he knows the right one since he thinks its the Church of God but that is the name of a different church near ours.)

March 13: Sunday was truly just a miracle day. A former investigator texted us telling us he wants to come back to church and meet with us again. We had people come to church, Yeah!!! An investigator who hasn't really wanted to meet with us told us she is finally ready to start working towards baptism and wants to be baptized in April. Our investigators brought friends to church. Crazy how great God is.

Love you all! Have a great week!

~Sister Jennings

Monday, March 7, 2016

Miracle March

Howdy Ya'll! It's another great week in Paradise City!

February 29: Today was leap day which means I have an extra day on the mission (technically) which is awesome because I truly do love serving the Lord!

March 1: Today we had our mission tour with Elder Dube of the Seventy. It was awesome! He is so funny and was definitely inspired on what our mission needs. Super cool today we were knocking doors and knocked into this girl Evelyn who not only has heard of the church but has a Book of Mormon. There is a member of the ward here who passed out 50 Books of Mormon last year and Evelyn was one of the recipients. Thing is she never opened the book so it was doing her no good sitting on her shelf so we invited her to read, we'll find out how it goes.

March 2: Went OYMing (Open Your Mouth) on Palm Beach State College today and it was so cool there were so many YSA (Young Single Adults) on campus and we got to invite a couple to church and tell them about Jesus Christ.

March 3: Went to institute and got some awesome referrals from our members as well as met a less active member who just moved here from Hawaii. It was so cool talking to him about Maui and understanding exactly where he was living and the places he was talking about.

March 4: Cool miracle. We were trying to visit this less active and showed up at her parent's house to see if we could get a current address. It just so happened that she was actually visiting her parents on a rare occurrence and that is when we felt prompted to go visit her. It was so cool because normally she is not there and her parents it turns out don't know her new address so the chances of us meeting her were really slim but God is good!

March 5: Every week we go and do service at the ReStore here in Delray and because we come every week they are starting to recognize us. It made my day when one of the workers was glad to see us that day and that now they refer to us as the sisters. They might think we are mormon nuns (or maybe just nuns) but it is cool that they are starting to recognize who we are and we will fix their understanding of who we are.

March 6: Church was a miracle! We got to help rescue two less actives! It was awesome because I truly love these two girls and have loved seeing how the gospel is once again blessing their lives and to see them happier than when I met them. I'm so excited to see how they continue to blossom and grow.

Love you all!

Sister Jennings

At Elder Dube conference with my mission sister (same trainer as me), my mission mom Sister King, and me

Playing indoor soccer for p-day.