Monday, July 25, 2016

Sisters in Christ not Twins

Hey Family and Friends!! :D

Well to start off with everyone thinks that me and my companion are twins:

Or that we are actual sisters or twins and we have to assure them that we are not, just sisters in Christ.

This week has been a whirlwind of lots of different things but hey that's missionary life. Lots of appointments and crazy busy days, trying to find more people to teach, working with less actives and helping our investigators be prepared to be baptized. You know the norm, basic missionary life. Some appointments happen and some don't but it's all in the Lord's timing. Well for a few interesting stories...

Our investigator thinks our member is cute and so he asked her out on a date. Will keep you updated but YSA probs. The weirdest part is when the member asks you the missionary for dating advice. Uhm uhm uhm we don't know....we don't talk to boys....uh flirting what is that....teach the gospel yeah do that, baptize him (yeah that's how our brain thinks, we don't flirt, if a guy talks to us we are like yeah he wants to hear the gospel)

I went on a full day exchange up to Miramar and practiced how to get into gated communities and got to teach the most awesome 10 year old. His grandma asked him like 3 times if he wanted to get baptized now or wait (she's not a member but her daughter and other grandchildren are) and he looked at her and was like I want to get baptized now. Yeah awesome elect 10 year olds for the win!

Also in case most of you haven't realized (many of you have) I hit half way this past week and received many reminders. Don't worry though I'm not trunky (suitcases packed and ready to come home), I'm still working hard and giving it my all.

Love all the letters and packages, but I just can't believe that I'm half way done (It's actually kind of scary to be honest)

Also in case you've forgot we are moving houses and there has been so much crazy confusion going on with that. We are no longer moving to the address I sent last week but a new address :D

 4246 SW 10th St
Miami, FL 33145

Don't worry though I'll get all of my mail from my old house in North Miami Beach as well as the other house I was originally going to move to. But as with moving you have to do packing so here is a lovely picture of that.

As well some more interesting news. My companion got emergency transferred up to my old area Gateway YSA! Well I'm excited for her to go to the area where I spent the first 6 months of my mission I am super sad to see her go though. My new companion for at least the next 2 weeks is Sister Herbas and I'm excited to learn more about her and just learn and grow more. We transferred this morning so I don't know anything about her yet but it's going to be a blast!

Well have a great week!
Remember I love all of you and God loves all of you :D


Sister Jennings

Monday, July 18, 2016

Nephi said "Go and Do" not "Sit and Stew"

Hey all ya'll!!

Just to start off saying I'm moving!!!! No I'm not getting transfered mid transfer but they are moving where we live. Our landlord has been trying to sell the house for a while and finally sold it. We'll be moving to: 

710 SW 114th Ave #C3
Sweet Water, FL 33174

So all future mail should be sent there :D (P.S. Missionaries love letters)

July 11: We had an awesome p-day playing ultimate Frisbee with the addition of water balloons. And we got to smash a plate full of shaving cream into our zone leaders faces for as a district finding the most new investigators.

July 12: We got to do service for the family of one of our YSA painting their house. Having lots of fun doing it, didn't realize how much I love painting. 

July 13: Today we went and had a district blitz, where are whole district went and knocked  in one area, only problem we went knocking to help the spanish elders, I still don't speak spanish but we got really lucky and mostly only talked to english people.

July 14: Today was just a really hard day, yes missionaries have those and those are definitely the days when we rely on God the most. 

July 15: Another hard day, full of tiny little miracles that made it a lot better to get through.

July 16: We had found this apartment complex and were knocking it and we met 3 sisters (none YSA) who were all interested in learning more and being baptized so we referred to them to the Zone Leaders. Well we went to an appointment with our investigator who ended up not being at home. Went and had an earlier dinner and decided to go back and keep knocking the same apartment complex. Well we met Sofia who wants to come closer to Christ. So we got her contact info for the Zone Leaders and kept knocking. Well about half an hour later we were getting ready to go to our next appointment when the zone leaders pulled up, told us the 3 sisters weren't home right then, so we told them to go talk to Sofia. So within the same hour we met her and they contacted her and taught her and she is now preparing for baptism.

July 17: Our AC finally got fixed and I've never been more grateful. Also today when we got home we found a little lizard and I caught it and set it free out in the wild.

Well its been a good week and its only going to get better. Well so long till next time :D

Sister Jennings

Monday, July 11, 2016

One of the Boys (Elders)

Hey All you Family and Friends!!!

(Going to apologize in advance, I forgot my card reader so there are no pictures :( but I will send lots of pictures next week)

July 5: We had a nerf war with most of our zone (which is a whole lot of Elders) and I'm not going to lie, I was totally awesome and even had an awesome shot where I hit one of the Elders over the door across the entire hallway. Yeah it was worthy of the movies. 

July 6: Today we had district training and we are the only sisters in our district with a whole bunch of Elders, so yeah definitely one of the Elders. I'm so excited though for this transfer because there are a lot of new faces and a lot of new energy. Well we had the coolest lesson today. We went to go teach Paul (who we found on the 4th of July) and as we walked up for our appointment his cousin was just getting him home, so we dragged the cousin into our lesson. The coolest point, at one point during the lesson Paul was confused about why he needed to be baptized again and we tried to explain the need for the correct authority from God, and Peterson turned to his cousin and said: "Paul, there are good baptisms and bad baptisms, you gotta have the good baptism." Yeah the two of them are super solid and I'm excited to be working with them.

July 7: While knocking we met this guy from India, and we offered to say a prayer with him and he asked us what prayer was. So after explaining to him what praying was we said a prayer with him and he just thanked us so much for all we do. He then was super sweet and walked us all the way out to the parking lot (where our car should have been, except we snuck into this gated community to knock) to make sure we made it to our car safely. Well I then thought, that is the most effective way to get rid of the missionaries. But seriously he only did it out of kindness and respect but it was still super funny. 

July 8: Today we took an investigator out teaching with us all day because she wanted to see what the average day of a missionary was like. We are still working with her on some concerns that she has, but I think it was good for her to feel the spirit for an entire day (like members do) and not just for the short time when we come to teach her. The cutest experience happened though while we were knocking. When we knock doors we hand out lots of pictures of Jesus that say on the back you can get this free dvd called "Finding Faith in Christ". Well not many people actually call the number to get a free dvd, but while we were knocking we met this cute little old spanish guy who got so excited when he saw the card we gave his wife. He ran and grabbed his own card and was pointing at the dvd saying he wanted one. So we went out to our car got him a dvd went back and gave it to him and he was so happy. Just super cute how excited he was that we came so that we could give him his free dvd.
****Happy Birthday Dad*****

July 9: Well today was awesome (a little bit of sarcasm) we came home and our AC broke down yesterday so we came home today to a 90 degree house. Yeah that is a lot of fun. Not really but it is getting fixed. I got a little bit of a taste of what it would be like to serving in some more third world countries and man I missed the AC. But hey learned a lot of lessons about patience as a result so that is a plus.

July 10: We had several investigators come to church today!!!! Which is awesome. We also had one walk up to us who we'd never met and said, I've been needing to talk to you, I want to be baptized. Yeah that happened! Also while we did introductions in our sunday school class, two people said the best part of their week was having us visit them (yeah that melted my heart). Also we had a member make us Brazilian food which was amazing. And he promised that next time he'll make home made strogonoff, yum!!! Overall a really really good day.

Well love ya all. 
Just in case you are still confused about my title.
#1 Playing nerf wars with all the elders (4 sisters and 12 elders)
#2 Only sisters in our district with 8 elders
#3 Currently of all our investigators we are only teaching 1 girl the rest (all 8 of them) are guys
Yeah definitely one of the boys/elders, and loving every moment.


Sister Jennings

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Greenie breaking Gold

Hello everyone!!!!

Well I just want to talk about a few cool things that happened this week.

First: David got baptized!!!!!
We've been teaching David for this entire last transfer (6 weeks) and he decided that he wanted to get baptized. It was amazing, he got baptized on Tuesday right before Sister Tui went home and we had an awesome turn out from the branch to come and support him in his decision. He was so excited that he showed up an hour early so that he could be there on time. He was then given the holy ghost on the same day and he got the priesthood on Sunday. Wow he is amazing and I am so glad that I got to be a part of his spiritual journey.

(This isn't the official bapstismal photo I know, my companion has them and she hasn't emailed them to me yet :D lesson learned always take pictures on your own camera)

Second: On transfer day my companion Sister Tui went home and I got my new companion Sister Oliverson who just finished being trained which means I'm her greenie breaker (the person who is the companion after training). So I went from a very old mission companion to a really young on the mission companion. Definitely different but I'm so excited for this next transfer and all the miracles that will come with it.

Third: We have seen so many miralces and found so many YSA to teach which is a major miracle because they are really hard to find, so that is totally awesome!

Sister Oliverson is awesome, she is from Preston, Idaho and she is super young, she came out on the mission right after turning 19 like me. She comes from a big family and she is the youngest of 8 (7 girls and 1 boy). She is the second missionary of her family. I'm so excited to be working with her.

Happy late 4th of July!! I hope you all enjoyed the fireworks for me.

(No we did not plan to match on the 4th of July)

Have a great week!


Sister Jennings