Monday, September 26, 2016

I'm a Port St. Lucie Lady

Howdy all ya'll

Wow I love Port St. Lucie it is absolutely beautiful!! While I miss Miami it is nice to see lots of trees and undeveloped space. I don't miss the traffic but I do miss how close everything is. But seriously it is so beautiful!

Transfers was crazy and both my second mom (my second trainer) and my dad (my first district leader) died (went home). It was a crazy day, and I officially feel old in the mission because I don't know anyone any more I feel because they've all gone home. Just kidding I still have a long time on my mission.


(me and my dad Elder Peterson)

Well Port St. Lucie is great and the ward is awesome, it's not completely white like I thought it would be but actually has a lot of diversity which is cool. Also I'm still going to be using my awesome spanish up here. Right now we have some cool investigators we are working with an awesome part member family where we are helping the 12 year old boy Kaleb get baptized and we are trying to teach the son of a recent convert. Lots of prospect up here which is great. Still trying to get to know the area and get used to having the church 20 miles away (round trip) from where we live but each new area has different struggles. My new companion is Sister Kutomi she's from Brazil! First companion not from the U.S. so I'm helping her learn english and she is going to teach me a little bit of Portuguese so that will be awesome. (Sorry Sister Jeppson, I should have learned Portuguese when I was with you). I'm greenie breaking her (so this is her 3rd transfer in Florida) but she started her mission in Brazil so she has actually been on her mission for 6 months, so I'm not really greenie breaking her.

​(sorry only picture I have with my new companion I'll take some more today)

Well love ya all! Have a great week!


Sister Jennings

New Address:
2051 Hillmoore Dr. #209
Port St. Lucie, FL 34952

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Missing Miami

Hey all ya'll

Well I have some sad news, I'm finally leaving Miami and am headed north to Port St. Lucie which is the farthest north area in our mission. I'm so sad to be leaving but we had so many miracles in my last week here.

Three months ago me and Sister Tui contacted a less active named Ashley who wasn't interested in coming back to church because she was going to another non-denominational church. We asked how long it had been since she read the BoM and she said she no longer owned one. So we gave her a BoM and the info for church and told her if she ever needed help to let us know. Well she called us this last Friday saying she wanted to come to church and she came and loved it and wants to be a Mormon again.

We got nominated as volunteers of the Month of September at Miami Rescue Mission. I have loved volunteering here so much. So many miracles with the residents. One of the residents is a Mormon who hasn't been to church in a while. Well we got him a BoM and he told us that as soon as he opened the book he felt the spirit. What an amazing experience.

It's been so sad saying goodbye to so many dear friends. I really have loved serving here so much and I'm grateful for all the growth that I have experienced.

(Hanging with our YSA at Elisabeth's farewell)               ​(last FHE playing human foosball)

One last cool story. A few weeks ago we knocked into a less active high priest who referred us to his less active kids withe the requirement that we couldn't tell them that he sent them. So we knocked on the door (with a member) and one of the sons said he wasn't interested in a prayer and said nothing about be a member. Thank goodness we had a member with us because she called him out on being a member. Well he wasn't interested in coming back to church but he referred us to his less active sister and we met with her this week and she is excited to come back to church. She currently goes to church sometimes with her boyfriend but she still prays like a mormon and is a mormon, super amazing experience.

Well that's all for now thanks for all your love and support. I'll send you my new address next week.


Sister Jennings

Monday, September 12, 2016

The Wacky Wackbatters

Hey Friends and Family!!!

Wow it's been a crazy week and a very wet week. So last p-day we played this awesome game called Wackbat which is a mix of kickball, baseball, and cricket and I totally rocked at it. In fact I think I impressed some of the elders because I may not be very good at soccer or basketball but give me a bat and boy I can swing :D We also played zombie (one person's a zombie and there goal is to tag everyone else to be zombies) and I won because I had the absolute best hiding spot and nobody found me, they started talking about playing the next game and I came out from hiding. Yes, that is right I would survive the zombie apocalypse!

​(Sister Herbas, Sister Kronmiller, me)

On Wednesday we went on a full day exchange and I stayed in Miami YSA and Sister Adamson came with me, well the day before our power outlet stopped working and my GPS died and so I got to navigate Miami all by myself without a GPS and I didn't get horrendously lost and we made it everywhere on time. Major miracles when you are serving the Lord, he makes it so you don't have to drive around too many one way streets.

So we got our car fixed, it was a burnt fuse, good news was it didn't take all day like it usually does when we have to take our cars in to get work done on them. Then we met with a recent convert who just moved back into town for school and had to drive on campus after tailgate night. Wow never seen so many drunk people in my life, really felt like I was in the apocalypse how some of them walked just like zombies. 

On Saturday we had a zone service project of cleaning up a park and it was super fun doing service with so many missionaries. Afterwards we all got lunch and met up at the chapel to eat with each other.

Sunday was good, there was a big broadcast for all YSA and our mission president let all the missionaries go and it was super fun. Lots of great counsel from Elder Cook a member of the Quorum of the 12 Apostles. Here's a few highlights:
*"Enthusiasm is common, Perseverance, is rare."
*We must have goals. It doesn't matter if you change them, but we must always be working diligently towards them. This is an eternal principle of progression that we must develop in our lives. 
* He also talked a lot about how we can overcome hard things through looking to Christ.
Didn't get home til 10:30 pm last night and man I've never missed my 9:30 curfew so much, literally got home and collapsed in bed because of the long day.

Well love ya all!

Sister Jennings
*Wackbat MVP*
P.S. I'll be signing autographs next week (just kidding)

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Hot, Humid, and Horrendous Downpour

Howdy from the land down under [Georgia]!

It's been a good week! Last week for p-day we crashed the Riverside/Blue Lagoon district activity and went to Freedom Tower. For those of you who don't know, I didn't either, Freedom Tower is like the Ellis and Angel Islands but for Cubans. We learned a lot about Cuban history which is cool because down here in Miami we meet and teach a lot of Cubans. To make our Cuban culture experience complete we ended the day with some Cuban ice cream.

Freedom Tower (back: E. Kraus, E. Jarman, E. Hyatt, S. Herbas, Sisters: S. Kronmiller, me, S. Adamson, Selfier: E. Davis)
Cuban ice cream at Azucar (E. Kraus, E. Hyatt, E. Jarman, E. Davis, S. Adamson, S. Kronmiller, S. Herbas, me)

We also saw a lot of miracles because we dropped all of our investigators who were not progressing. As a result we found so many new potentials and got a ton of less active referrals from our members. We are also in the process of organizing a rescue night for FHE (Family Home Evening) where the ward will help us rescue those less actives. Stay tuned for the awesomeness of that event.

Also kind of funny we got stuck in traffic for a Drake concert. Shout out to you lil bro, congrats on making it famous but why didn't you stop by to see me while you were here, and when did you turn black. Just Kidding it wasn't actually my brother but we did get stuck in that traffic. That's one of the biggest lessons you learn in Miami, you will never be on time due to traffic so leave 10 minutes earlier than planned.

Also my life was made when a member took us to one of my favorite restaurants....Fuddruckers!

Also got to do service at the All Men's Center and it is probably one of the greatest things of my life and helps me to remember how blessed I am and also allows me to help other people. 

Don't we look like the cutest lunch ladies ever!

Well love you all, have a great week!!

Love, Sister Jennings