Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Happy Birthday Jesus!!

Well it's been a pretty great week. This week we had a massive mission conference and it was so much fun to see so many missionaries and be able to celebrate the birth of our Savior with them. Got to see my old companion Sister Erickson there which was awesome!

Then after the conference Sister Peterson got sick so we spent most of the next few days chilling at home so that she could get feeling better.

Then of course Christmas!! Got to open up packages from my family, had an awesome day at church worshiping our Savior, and got to skype home to see my family! What a wonderful day and truly amazing way to celebrate our Savior.

I am truly so grateful to my Savior for coming to earth and being born so humbly and being the perfect example so that I can know the way to return to my loving Heavenly Father. I am so grateful that he came to earth, lived his life, and then in the end sacrificed himself for me. He was the greatest gift given by a loving Father in Heaven. He was wrapped in swaddling clothes and given as a gift to everyone. Then Christ gave us the greatest gift of his life as he sacrificed it for us.

Jesus loves each and everyone of us!

Love you all,

Sister Jennings

Monday, December 19, 2016

Mele Kalikimaka

Merry Christmas Week!!

It really is a wonderful time of the year! Well this week leaving Port St. Lucie was really hard because I made so many great friends there and really do love that ward because they are amazing but off to Vanderbilt I went. It's crazy I've served in the South of my mission in Miami, the farthest north it goes in Port St. Lucie and now I'm on the West Coast. 

My new companion is Sister Peterson and she's from Bountiful, Utah and she's been on her mission for about 6 months. She's so cute and spunky and we've been having a ton of fun together.

Just a few fun highlights from the week. Near our house is a house that has set up a ton of Christmas lights and you are able to drive their driveway to see them all, so of course we stopped and drove around to see the lights.

(Here's what one of the houses looked like)

Also our ward's Christmas party was this week and it was Luau themed so we took a photo with Hawaiian Santa.

Also we had the coolest miracle the other day. So recently our Mission President has decided that Sisters should not knock after 7pm because it is too dark. Well we were not going to get our full hour of knocking in by 7 so we got permission to knock after that. We knocked into the Finkle family from Washington who were here on vacation. The dad is very familiar with the Mormons and invited us right in to explain to his kids what it is that we do. We explained about what it meant to be a missionary and explained a little about the Restoration and the atonement of Jesus Christ. We answered all of the families questions about all sorts of topics. We shared the Christmas video and the spirit was there. It was amazing!! The little girl Alice said that when she grows up she wants to be just like us. What an amazing seed planted that will one day flourish into an amazing eternal family. Super cool to see that all of our efforts matter.

Well hope you have an amazing week and don't forget to celebrate our Savior, because we're celebrating his birthday after all.


Sister Jennings

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Keep Christ in Christmas

Dear Family and Friends!

Wow it has been a crazy awesome week!

We got to do some service of helping a member decorate their Christmas tree and it was so much fun and I really enjoyed putting all the ornaments on and just enjoying some great Christmas cheer.

We also had an awesome ward Christmas party and we got to meet Santa!!

At the Christmas party me and Sister Stevenson wore matching Christmas sweaters and we were almost the biggest hit at the party. Everyone loved that the Sister Missionaries wore matching sweaters and that they were Christmas. Everyone wanted to take our picture because they loved it.

Well for a miracle this week. Recently we've picked where we knocked based on if the street name sounds Christmas-y. So the other day we picked to knock on Beard St. (for Santa's beard). The first door we knocked was the home of Danielle. As we began talking to her she told us how she had recently lost her step-father, wanted to baptize her 8 year old daughter, and her husband hadn't been able to find answers to his questions in other churches. As we said the prayer she began to cry because she could feel the spirit so strong. After the prayer we told her we could help with all of her concerns. It was amazing to see how God really does place us where he needs us, even if it's because we pick a Christmas themed street name.

Also I decided this week that it was time to retire my shoes that I've been wearing since July because I'd worn a whole through them. But also had to take a picture of my awesome shoe tan. That's what happens when you spend all day out in the sun walking and working in the name of the Lord.

Jesus must have had some pretty awesome shoe tan lines.

Well that's it for now!

Oh also we just found out transfers yesterday and I'll be leaving Port St. Lucie and am headed West to the west coast of Vanderbilt Beach!!

My new address is:
5100 17th Ave SW
Naples, FL 34116

Love ya all!!
~Sister Jennings

Monday, December 5, 2016

Fwd: It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

Happy Holidays Everyone!!

This week has been full of a lot of really cool miracles and amazing people!

On Monday we had an amazing experience we went to this referral from the Stuart Elders and began to teach this lady Peggy and her daughter Maggie who have previously taken missionary discussions many years ago. They recently have had a death in the family and the elders said that our message would be a message of hope. After we finished our message Peggy told us that before we had come she decided that she would not invite us back again but because it was the two of us and the sweet spirit which we had she invited us to come back to teach her more.

Tuesday I got to go on exchange down to Royal Palm Beach and it was awesome getting to see my old companion Sister Oliverson and reminisce about our Miami days.

Wednesday we visited with this less active who was the first sister missionary in Hong Kong and it was amazing to see how far the missionary program has come since then and how different my mission is from hers as well as to meet a little bit of sister missionary history.

Thursday I was in Idaho!!!!

Just kidding but we did knock Idaho lane which was right by Preston street. Super funny! Also on Thursday we got to meet with our super cool investigator Tyler (who is an electrician - used all the lingo I learned from my dad) who grew up christian but hasn't been recently and wants to now develop a relationship with Jesus Christ and I'm so excited to help him with that.

Friday we tried a bunch of people; less actives, former investigators, potential investigators, etc..

Saturday we got a new car and man it is super nice!

We also had dinner with the Pointons (the kid we just baptized) and I really love this family and it was just good to see how unified they are now that the two younger kids are baptized. Truly families are eternal and I'm so glad I got to help this family get a little closer to being eternal together.

Sunday was good we got to watch the awesome Christmas Devotional which if you missed it you should definitely check it out because it was all about Christ and it's a great way to start the Christmas season. visit: https://www.lds.org/broadcasts/archive/christmas-devotional/2016/12?lang=eng&cid=HP_SU_4-12-2016_dCN_fEVT_xLIDyL1-B_

Well that's all for this week and I hope that all of you are having an amazing holiday season!!

Also Floridians decorate real good for christmas with tons of christmas lights, especially since they don't have to put them up in October due to snow. Here is a cool house we found that has the lights turned to music and they play the music through speakers so we could actually watch it.

Also I got to decorate a cute little Christmas tree for my desk!!

​Love you all!

Sister Jennings