Monday, February 29, 2016

God Has Perfect Timing

Hey Friends and Family!

Wow I cannot believe it is that time again to talk to all of you wonderful people. Time really does just fly by.

February 22: Today we were knocking in what turned out to be a pretty sketchy neighborhood but God is the best protector. We had been one street over and praying to know what street we should knock on and decided to knock one over. As we were knocking doors we got invited in to two different homes and spent like 20ish minutes talking to each of them about the gospel. One of the families told us that on the street right next to them (the one we were originally going to knock) was really sketchy and had a bunch of kids who had jumped an old man the week before. They told us we really shouldn't have been knocking in that area at night. Wow though, God really does love and protect his missionaries.

February 23: Today was a really rough day and all of our plans fell through and we were asking God to really just help us have a good day. We had the thought to go talk to people in this nearby park, so we plugged it into our GPS and drove to the very end of Prince Park. Well at the very last parking lot away from all other people was John and Miriam whose car battery had died. They asked us if we had any jumper cables, we did not, so we told them we would find someone who had cables. Well we found someone! As we drove up with Juan, our nice Samaritan, to jump start this car it was so cool, John told us that when he saw us drive up he knew the cavalry had come. It really was a neat experience to be where God needed us to be and also that God had truly provided a tender mercy for us.

February 24: While knocking today we met a lady named Debbie down in Boca Raton. I felt really bad because as traveling missionaries we cover the entire county of Palm Beach and I do not have all of the building addresses and meeting times memorized and so I didn't have the church information to invite this lady to church. However, it turns out that missionaries over a year ago had invited her to church and she had never been able to go, but she had kept the card which had the church address and meeting time. It was a sign to her that she really did need to come visit and she said she was going to come this Sunday.

February 25: Today we got to teach Shawn who the elders found and passed to us. It was so cool we taught him a 20 minute Plan of Salvation discussion and set him with a baptismal date for March 12th. It truly brings me so much joy to watch people love and except the gospel.

February 26: Super funny as we were driving in Lake Worth today this guy pulled up next to us on the road and rolled his window down and motioned us to roll ours down. There in the middle of the road the guy asked us where we got our bike rack hitch because he wanted to get one like ours. We explained we didn't know it was a mission car. It was just so funny though, and I'm glad there were no cars behind us because the light had turned green.

February 27: Today was truly just an amazing experience of being in the right place where God needed us. God truly has perfect timing.

February 28: Shawn came to church and absolutely loved it. Watching him after church it seems like he has been here for years instead of just his first time. Also both of the less actives we've been working with came today!! Also my former investigator came to church and told us she wants to meet with us again and even set up an appointment with a member so that we can teach her. Also an investigator for us came to church at an earlier time. Today was a miracle from God and I am so thankful to him for it.

Well love you all!!

Sister Jennings

P.S. We went to Burger Fi for p-day

A Florida sunset. Man I will never get sick of views like this.

Monday, February 22, 2016

My Life is Full of Change

Hello Again Friends and Family!

To start off I get to stay in my same area until April so I'll spend more than 6 months here. Crazy!! Also my title comes from the fact that everywhere I go I am always looking for Ghetto Pennies (the random spare change on the ground), so my life hasn't actually had a whole lot of change but this last week I picked up like a dollar in coins so it really is full of change.

Now to my week.

February 16: After emailing all of you wonderful people we went out and knocked some doors and then got to go to Activity Night with the YSA. It was so much fun and there were a lot of people there. They played extreme spoons (the card game spoons except the spoons were hidden down the hallways and they had to run and get them). Also super cool some of the YSA from NOVA came up from Plantation, FL to hang out with our group and some people brought their friends.

February 17: Today we got to teach Thomas about the Book of Mormon and we committed him to read 3 Nephi 11 which starts on page 427. His eyes then got super big and he was like "no way that's my birthday" and then he went to put in a reminder to read the Book of Mormon the next day and when he looked at the time he freaked out even more "Guys it's 4:27". So God told Thomas he needs to read the Book of Mormon through all of these coincidences and it was just super funny his reaction. 

February 18: Two crazy miracles happened today. 1. As we were driving to go visit a less active I noticed a little blue dot on our GPS (indicating a member) and was super curious then as we kept driving we just got the feeling that we needed to be somewhere. So we pulled over to pray about where we needed to be and that little blue dot came to mind. We drove back to contact this member and the address didn't exist as written and I had the thought try 427 not 527. After knocking a few doors asking if anyone knew who this member was we knocked on 427 and there she was and it turns out she wants to come back to church. 2. Today we went to Bible study and saw our less active Lolo who we miraculously found last week. Well after Bible Study we were talking with her about transfering her baptisimal records. Come to find out that she has never been baptized but she really wants to be. So that is how our less active turned into a new investigator.

February 19: Today was the weirdest day knocking and I can't even explain all of it. Let's just say for example one lady we knocked into was so upset we were knocking because her church was on and she was missing the end of the sermon.

February 20: Awesome day! We met with our less active Yourlanda and she is so excited to come to church on Sunday and we even have a ride lined out and everything. Also she wants us to teach her cousin and the Creole elders to teach her mom so she is just an awesome missionary in her own home.

February 21: We had two gators at sacrament today!! It is so cool to watch how our branch just welcomes everyone in and makes them feel like they are part of the family. 

Well that's all for this week. I hope you all have amazing weeks and remember to rely on God because he is so Good.


Sister Jennings

P.S. Found Art in the Alley #4 and it literally made my day!! I love Art in the Alley!

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Doing Business in Babylon

Hey everyone! How are all of you? Well this week was great!

February 8: We had an Amazing Race at the mall doing a scavenger item for things (ex: Guy with greatest Duck Dynasty beard, how many Miami heat snap-back hats at lids, throw a penny in the fountain, etc). Then we went out to work.

(Amazing Race funny photo)

February 9: Today while knocking we had two crazy cool miracles. We were knocking doors near a member and this YSA answered the door and said of course we could say a prayer with him. When we invited him to church he already knew where the church building was and who we are because his friend had invited him to basketball at the church. It was super cool to see how this member had reached out to his neighbors just to invite him to an activity at the church and as a result when the missionaries knocked on his door he was really friendly to us. Also as we were headed to our YSA activity we decided we should knock for 15 more minutes and had this apartment complex near the church in mind. As we were driving there I felt that we shouldn't be at that complex but the neighboring one. As we drove into the complex Sister Erickson felt we should knock this one building. The third door we knock on was a less active YSA that no one knew about and she wants to come to church. She came with us to the YSA activity and the branch welcomed her in with wide open arms.

​(YSA playing Human Foosball)

February 10: Today while knocking we ran into another less active YSA that no one knew about. We seem to do that a lot finding less actives that no one knew about and they are mostly people who want to come back to the church. Also crazy knocking experience. We were up in West Palm Beach knocking and we decided to OYM this guy. As we walk up to him and offer to say a prayer with him he says he has seen us before. So we assumed he has seen us knocking there before, but nope he saw the two of us in a vision/dream sort of thing. We got super excited and were pumped to invite him to church and be baptized and learn about the gospel and all that but nope he said he doesn't define his relation with God. But super funny maybe one day he'll meet a different set of missionaries and decide he is ready.

February 11: Today we taught Michael the restoration and he is so cool and has such amazing questions. Its really cool to see how God prepares people to be ready for the gospel. Also our YSA are so cool and love bringing their friends to activities which is awesome because then they can ask us, the missionaries, questions about the gospel.

February 12: Today we went to stop by our investigator Nico's house because his dad canceled his phone because he is taking lessons from us. Well Nico wasn't home but his sister was and told us that Nico would not be learning anymore from us. So sad how his family won't let him make his own decisions. Cool thing though, this less active recently decided she wanted to come back so we got to meet with her and we taught her cousin who was there and now she wants to learn more about the gospel.

February 13: We taught Neoline today the restoration and she is excited to learn more. Also I set a new record for the number of hours I knocked.....5 hours knocking doors. Also today we had stake conference and the YSA choir sang and we got to be apart of that.

February 14: Happy Valentines Day!! Today we taught David about the gospel and it finally clicked for him. He has been coming to church every week for the past two months and he finally has decided that he no longer needs to learn about religion for his school but for himself and so we might be able to set him with a baptisimal date this week. 

February 15: Cool miracle! Yesterday this guy Thomas called the church to find out how he can learn more about it and a member actually answered the phone that always rings but no one answers. Well today we went and taught him and he is so cool. He is going through rehab right now and decided he wanted to have God more in his life. Being in rehab he hasn't met a Mormon and figured we must have our life figured out. Also all the Mormons he's met have all seemed happy with their religion so he thought he might just try it out. So that was super cool.

Transfers: I'm staying here in Gateway YSA with Sister Erickson!! Yeah!! I love this branch so much!

2301 S. Congress Ave #113
Boynton Beach, FL 33426

Love you all! Have an amazing week!

❤/Sis Jennings

Monday, February 8, 2016

My Crazy Days with the YSA

Hey Friends and Family!

This week has been amazing! I can't believe it's February already.

February 1: Today was a real rough day even though it was p-day but God is so Good and provided so many miracles. While knocking we met Johnny and Linda, siblings who want to come to church and want to be baptized. It has been a while since we have been able to find anyone to teach and have really been relying on the work of other missionaries finding the YSA. Then after finding them we had to use the restroom and right outside of Publix were Girl Scouts selling cookies. Man we needed those today and it made the whole evening better. Finding people to teach and eating Girl Scout cookies.

February 2: We got to visit a less active YSA today who really wants to come back to church. It was amazing to see how he had humbled himself and truly desired to come closer to God. He has decided that he will read the Book of Mormon everyday before he goes to sleep, which is an awesome goal that will truly bless him. We also had Family Home Evening tonight with the YSA and it was an awesome spiritual lesson about how we can conquer the Goliaths (David and Goliath) in our life. Then as we were getting ready to go our YSA branch spontaneously burst out in the EFY medley (look it up it's really good).

February 3: Had an amazing experience trying to find a less active, we didn't find him but instead met his less active sister and talking with her we helped her realize that she needed to come back to church and rely on the Lord more and he would truly bless her for it.

February 4: Today was all over the place. We made plans. They fell through. We made new plans. Those plans got cancelled. And basically we drove all over the place trying to figure out what to do. This is a classic crazy day because YSA do not plan their lives at all and their plans change on the spur of the moment. But through it all came to realize that God is Good and he loves us and he is so merciful if we but humble ourselves.

February 5: Today we got to go to the temple with Bory!!!!! It was amazing being in the temple with our awesome YSA! It was crazy figuring out how we were going to get there but God is the greatest planner and he made everything work out for us which is amazing!

​(Pictured Left to Right: Mike Wilson, Sister Erickson, Me, Bory Garcia, Lizbeth Garcia)

February 6: Today we went on exchanges and so I wasn't serving in my area but it was cool to meet with the people the other Sisters are teaching and seeing how we are all in this work together.

February 7: Church was amazing today! Bory bore his testimony and seriously there is nothing like hearing your recent converts testimony. We also got to teach Nico and he is excited to be baptized on February 27th and is working towards that date.

Truly this was an amazing week and yes working with the YSA is sometimes crazy while we try and schedule with them, but it is also so rewarding and I love it.

I know this church is true. I know that Jesus Christ is our Savior and that he died for all of us so that we can return to live with our Heavenly Father again. I know that he rose on the third day and that he lives. I know that families can be together forever. I know that Joseph Smith was a prophet called by God and that he translated the Book of Mormon which is another testament of Jesus Christ. I know that I have been called here to the Florida Fort Lauderdale Mission to help people come closer to Christ. I love the gospel, I love my mission, and I love the people of Florida. I love you all!


Sister Jennings

Monday, February 1, 2016

God Led Cancer Quacker

Wassupp Friends and Family,

Wow I cannot believe it has been another week, time just flies!

January 25: Today we went and visited our amazing Relief Society President Lizbeth and it was cool to hear her testimony of the gospel and her conversion story. She really does so much for us and for the branch and it was cool to help strengthen her and to truly show her our love for her and also the love the Savior has for her. 

January 26: Today at FHE we found out that Bory is super artistic and yesterday he went down to FAU (Florida Atlantic University) with Lizbeth so that she could finish a school assignment and while he was there drew this massive whiteboard artwork of the temple and inviting people to call the missionaries to find out more. Like what the what seriously how cool! (No one called us but it was still a great idea)

January 27: Today we got to teach Gloribel and taught her about the Gospel and she told us how she knows there is something different about our church and her old church and how she knows the BoM is true and so we invited her to be baptized and she accepted which was so cool. She is currently preparing to be baptized on April 10th which is a little ways away but we are working with her to move that date up a little.

January 28: Super cool today!! We were knocking in this area that is commonly knocked by the Elders near us but the second door was home to Sherwin. A few weeks ago the Elders had prayed with Sherwin to find a new job because he had been out of work for several months and after that prayer like a week later he found a job. He had been looking out his window all day looking for the boys on the bikes when we knocked on his door. He told us that he wanted to thank those Elders for their prayer because it truly helped him. It was amazing to see what happens to some of the people we pray with who are not currently interested in the gospel. It helped me to realize that we cannot always see the difference we make but God does and truly no effort on our behalf is wasted.

January 29: Today we went and taught Victoria who was found by the Sisters up in West Palm. She is so prepared for the gospel and had amazing questions. Also super cool she is telling her sister, her best friend, and her boyfriend all about our discussions and she wants her mom to come to church with her. Seriously she is elect and has been prepared by God. Another cool thing happened today we were knocking in this apartment complex and we were knocking on a door when this Cancer Quacker started walking towards us very determinedly. (Cancer Quackers is a common nickname for the really ugly ducks down here in Florida - I bet if you good Florida Ducks you'd find a picture) Well these ducks absolutely freak me out so we went through this door to the other side of the apartments. We started knocking the doors and got to the top of the building and crossed back over to the other side and the first door we knocked on was Yhetta's. She told us that we were an answer to her prayers. Crazy thing if it hadn't been for the Cancer Quacker we would have knocked on her door before she was home and had said her prayer that we were an answer to.

January 30: During weekly planning we were looking in some binders that contained old former investigators from like 2011-2013 and found a lot of awesome kids who would now be YSA. One of the now YSA kids was dropped as a child because the mom didn't want them being taught but they were supposedly golden, so we decided to go see if they still lived there and were still interested in the gospel. We didn't find the former but instead we found YSA paradise where there are apartment buildings filled with tons of YSA. It was amazing because while we knock we find families but are also trying to find YSA and our area is hard because though we have a couple colleges there isn't really a lot of campus housing we can knock and so finding a YSA apartment complex was a major miracle. Thank you former investigators!

January 31: Another awesome day at church. Today was crazy because 3 minutes before church started we found out that the speakers didn't show up and so me and Sister Erickson were asked to give talks to fill in. So with about 5 minutes of prep I got to speak for 15 minutes. It turned out alright though which is good but seriously missions prepare you.

Well I love you all!

Sister Jennings

Blowing our own balloons