Monday, March 20, 2017

Milestone Markers

Hey Everyone!!

Wow I can't believe how time flies it seems like only yesterday that I just got on my email and now my companion just hit her year mark! It's weird because Sister Fernandes first day on the mission was replacing me in Boca Raton right before I left for Miami and now she's at her year mark.

​Yep we celebrated that day!!

Also one of the less actives that we are working with had her birthday this week so we had our investigator go over there and we taught a lesson and celebrated a birthday so that was super fun. I love parties, especially when it helps others come back to church and helps our investigator have more friends.

​(sister Fernandes, Ashley the Birthday girl, me, Adriana, Isane our investigator, Roxanna)

Also we've been working on a project of putting our entire ward list in groups by where they live with all their info so we can keep track of people better and so we can more effectively visit everyone and we finally finished.

​Yeah it's impressive, yes it's a little bit creepy, but man is it effective. I wonder what people would think if they came into our house with pictures of Christ everywhere, lists of people, and maps on all the walls. We promise we aren't weirdos, just trying to help people come closer to our Savior Jesus Christ.

Cool experience so last week on Monday we were getting to the end of the night and were kind of tired because we hadn't been seeing a lot of success that day when we decided to stop by a less active member. Well pulled up to the gate (because everyone in Florida lives in a gated community it seems) and called her from the box and she actually let us in #Miracle. Then we pulled up and were knocking on the door when all of a sudden this lady comes running down the road flailing her arms. Apparently she'd moved apartments two weeks ago and the new owners are not so nice. Well after visiting with her found out that her phone that the gate box uses had been disconnected and just got reconnected 15 minutes before we called. #Miracle! So visited with her and she's been less active for over 13 years and we finally found her! Yeah!!!!! So now we'll start working on her to get her back to church.

Well it's been a good week, hope you all have a good week too!


Sister Jennings

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