Monday, March 13, 2017

Good Life, Sleep Strife, because the Bedbugs Bite

Hey everyone!!

Well the adventures of Sister Jennings never end, my last week in Vanderbilt someone broke into our house and now in my first few weeks of living in Stuart we get BEDBUGS! Sunday morning we both wake up with tons of bug bites all over our arms and legs and so we call the mission nurse and pretty sure it's bedbugs. So Sunday night we spent the whole evening cleaning out bedroom and yup it's bedbugs and most of them lived in my bed (of course). Let's just say after the next few weeks our apartment will be the cleanest in the entire mission especially since we have to vacuum our room and steam our mattresses every morning and throw our sheets in the dryer to kill any of the little bugs left. So yeah, new adventures!!!!

(Here are just a few of the bites)

Well this week hasn't all been bad adventures. We saw a super cool miracle this week. We were knocking the other day and knocked on this door and the lady opens it and says "your probably looking for my daughter Keisha right, well come on in." Had no idea what she was talking about but walked right in thinking maybe her daughter Keisha was a less active or something. The lady went and grabbed Keisha and we proceeded to talk to her and come to find out she isn't a less active member but a former investigator! Went home and looked through all of the teaching records and couldn't find the former Keisha. Well the next day happened to be looking through a bunch of formers we picked to try to contact and Keisha (the one we knocked into) was in that stack. We knocked into a former that we wanted to try and find and got a return appointment with her. Awesome!!

Also this week I officially started myPlan, which is a program that the church created to help returned missionaries ease back into non-mission life and set goals so that we can continue to progress. Let me tell ya it was super weird thinking about life after the mission while I'm still on the mission.

(As missionaries we've nicknamed in "Reverse 12 Week" because when we first come in we do "12 Week" which trains you on how to be a missionary, and this trains you on how to be a normal person)

Also went to Tijuana Flats this week for dinner and saw the funniest sign. A lot of people here in Florida believe that Mormons are a cult (we aren't).

Well that's all for now, it really has been a great week despite it's trials. I know that God loves each and everyone of us and that trials are to help us grow and to learn and maybe right now I just need to learn how to be a really good cleaner so that I can apply it when I get home. Nah, but there definitely are lessons to learn right now.

Love ya all!

~Sister Jennings

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