Monday, March 27, 2017

Rapunzel, Rapunzel, Let Down Your Hair

Hey everyone!

So super cool this week we had a baptism!!!!! Her name is Isane Ruano Mora and she has been waiting 3 years to be baptized. All of her aunts and uncles and cousins are members just not her own parents. Well her parents told her that she would have to wait to be baptized and so she was waiting for either her parents hearts to be softened or that she turned 18. She turned 18 last August but had some visa problems and had to go back to Mexico for a while. Here is where the cool things start. When I served in Port St. Lucie more than 3 months ago in our book of former investigators there was this teaching record for Isane and I thought wow she sounds so cool I want to teach her, the only problem was the address said "Lives with Sister Mora" and there was no Sister Mora on our ward directory so I just left it in the binder and kept on working in Port St. Lucie. Then coming here to Stuart and replacing the elders they didn't really leave us a whole lot of work and they didn't even mark on the directory who the active members were. So we just started visiting people to figure out if they were active or not and who they were and on our first Monday we knocked on this door trying to find Carlos (turns out he moved) and instead met Sister Mora! On Sunday she had leaned over to us at church to tell us she was feeding us on Thursday and that was the only way that we recognized her. Well Sister Mora invited us in to visit and told us that her unbaptized niece Isane would be at the party on Thursday that she signed up to feed us at. Went to that party on Thursday and the rest is history and she got baptized on Saturday!!!!!

Sorry that was a long story but it is so cool to see how a seed had been planted and watered for so long before it finally came to bear fruit. Now here is a short funny story or two.

Last Sunday we had a member come up to us at church and ask if either of us knew how to cut hair and neither of us did, and then she asked if we would like to give it a try because her hair needed to be cut and she didn't want to pay to have it done. So we went over this week and I cut her and her daughter's hair with kids school scissors because they didn't have anything else.

Also super funny when I served in Port St. Lucie the elders in Stuart always complained that the members never fed them. Well that has changed a lot since I've been here. This was our donate food to the missionaries bin on Sunday. Basically I don't need to buy groceries this week because they got me taken care of.

Also this week we met this less active Sister Schmitt and she told us that she went less active after her husband passed away last September because she was so sad. Then she told us how when we called into her gated community and she let us in she was totally expecting these two elders and instead these two sweet sisters were knocking on her door. She then commented on how beautiful my braid was and how she wished she could see what my hair looked like down. I then told her that I would wear it down on Sunday so she could come to church and see it. She told us she would come to church and said it would be funny if she told everyone that she only came to church to see her missionaries hair. Well she came to church on Sunday and it was the sweetest thing she came up to the two of us and told us that she was there because of us and she thanked us so much for our help.

Well that's all for now!


Sister Jennings

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